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Jr/Sr High School


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Constitution Day Activity

Back on Sept. 17, the 8th Grade Social Studies class recognized Constitution Day at the High School in Odell.  During the last part of their 5th Period class they announced some trivia questions over the PA system so everyone in school could listen and take part.  Most of the questions focused on the 27 Amendments within the Constitution.  Some amendments are well-known while others might not be talked about as much. 


Students and staff were asked a question by different 8th Graders, a few seconds were allowed for the listeners to think about an answer, then the correct amendment was stated.  Here is an example…..which amendment, passed in 1913, gave the U.S. Congress the right to levy a permanent income tax on all American citizens? The answer > Amendment # 16, which is NOT too popular with most people!


Thank you, 8th Graders, for helping everyone to remember Constitution Day and the importance of the 27 Amendments that help make-up the Constitution!