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Elementary School

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Fourth Grade Attends Concert at Lied Center

4th grade went on a field trip to the Lied Center.  They attended the Young People's Concert.  They were told a story about a deceased composer and the detective was trying to find the culprit by introducing each section of . . .

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Kindergartners Celebrate Presidents

The kindergarten class has been celebrating presidents this month.  Presidents Washington and Lincoln were the focus since their birthdays fall in February and the students learned some facts about their lives and why they . . .

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Art Room Fun

1st grade made penguin hats for art class and then did the penguin shuffle to get in line.  We learned about how penguins walk so they don’t fall down on the ice.  It was a great time!

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Fourth Grade Students Earn Green Belts

It may be the month to celebrate in red, but 4th Grade recorders are celebrating in Green! Congratulations on your green belt recorders! 

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100 Days Celebrated in the Third Grade

The 3rd graders are 100 days smarter. They enjoyed collecting 100 signatures from students and teachers at the school.  They played a variety of games and enjoyed creating arrays of “100 Hungry Ants”. Students ended the day . . .

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Winter Fun in Preschool

The Preschool Class has been learning about the winter season during the month of January.  We created penguins, sang songs, painted penguins, and talked about the cold climate and what we should wear outside in the cold . . .

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First Grade Beats in the New Year

First grade students have fun beating in the New Year while learning about rhythm.    

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Fourth Grade Orange Belts

Fourth grade students have earned their orange belts for Recorder Karate!

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First Grade Hour of Code

Mrs. Coufal came to the first grade classroom to teach us about coding. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the challenges of the iPad apps she showed us. We can’t wait to work more on coding!

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PreSchool Christmas Program

A week before Christmas, the Preschool Students enjoyed singing songs for their family and friends.  The students enjoyed dancing and singing each Christmas song they learned during the Christmas season.  They also worked . . .

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Title I Information

from Mr. Denner: Things are going great here in Title I.  The students have been working very hard.  It's a joy seeing them grow and gain confidence in themselves.  I look forward to a wonderful second semester. . . .

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Kindergarten and their Reindeer Friends!

These directed drawings allow us the chance to sharpen our listening and directionality skills as well as practice following directions and creating in a limited space.  The exercise requires patience and encourages thinking through . . .

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Building Teamwork Skills in Physical Education

The Elementary students have been focusing on teamwork the past few weeks in Physical Education. Along with several activities that focused on teamwork, the classes also had several discussions defining teamwork and why it was important to . . .

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STEM Education

  Miss Hestermann explains STEM science in her classroom: STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. STEM activities provide hands-on . . .

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Learning the Game of Soccer to Improve Agility

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade PE classes have been learning the game of soccer and the skills involved with the game. The students learned how to pass, dribble and trap the ball while participating in different soccer oriented activities. . . .

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Fifth Grade Social Studies Project

In Fifth Grade American History, students are learning about the Native Americans that lived in the United States. For this project the students were to pick one of the homes they lived in and to build it out of materials they found at . . .

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Fifth and Sixth Grade Fall Activities

The fifth and sixth grades have been busy with activities this fall!   5th and 6th grade students attended the Jefferson County Spelling Bee.   5th- 6th grade students attended Digital . . .

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Third Grade Keyboarding

Third Grade students use an online typing program as part of their Keyboarding instruction. They are learning proper keyboarding posture,  hand placement,  and finger reaches.

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Field Trip to Roca Berry Farm

The Kindergarten and First Graders went to The Roca Berry Farm on October 8. It was a great fall day and full of fun making memories with our class!

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First Graders Learn Rhythm Patterns

The first graders are learning to identify simple rhythm patterns during Music class.  We are currently playing a matching game. Students need to turn over a card and read the correct notation to their partners before attempting to find . . .

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Fourth Grade Distance Learning Science

The fourth grade students enjoy working in-person with the Distance Learning Science guys.  

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"Griffinville" off to a Great Start

The 3 rd grade community, “Griffinville”, is booming with a population of 23 students. Our first week of school has been a success!  We are busy learning routines and procedures for our BlendEd Learning and adjusting to . . .

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2nd Graders Enjoy Makerspace Kits

This year elementary students have the opportunity for a new hands-on learning experience.  Makerspace kits encourage problem-solving skills related to Science, Technology, and Math.  The second graders recently enjoyed makerspace . . .

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