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Jr/Sr High School


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Griffins Bring Home Three State Medals!

The Speech season came to a close with a great day at the State Speech Championships at Kearney High March 17th.  Three state medals were won by the Griffins:  Jason placed 3rd in Entertainment, Kate placed 5th in Informative, and the OID team of Jason, Kate, Preston and Callan placed 5th.  As a team, Diller-Odell placed 8th overall in D-1.  

Congratulations to the entre team on a great season!


March 7 Districts at HTRS

The Griffins brought home the District Championship! And, 14 events qualified for State on March 17th!

State Qualifiers

1st-Jason, Kate, Preston, Callan-OID

1st-Jason & Preston-Duet










3rd-Mikayla, Ashley, Jaedyn, Madeline, Brennan-OID





4th-Callan & Brennan-Duet



Our Seniors, Kate and Jason, won the Golden Rooster Award this week.


February 25th at HTRS

The Griffins brought home the Championship plaque at the HTRS Meet!

1st-Jason, Kate, Preston, Callan-OID
3rd-Jason and Preston-Duet

Jacob won the Golden Rooster Award this week.


February 18th at Pawnee City

The Speech Team finished fourth place at the Pawnee City Meet.  

Jason-1st Place Impromptu
Jason & Preston-1st Place Duet
Jason-3rd Place Entertainment
Kate-4th Place Persuasive
Kate-4th Place Informative
Jason, Kate, Preston & Callan-4th Place OID
Dave-6th Place Extemp

Jason won the Golden Rooster team award.


February 11th at Meridian

Everyone who competed at the Meridian Speech Meet brought home a medal!

Joely-1st Extemp
Aidan-1st Serious
Kate-1st Informative
Dave-1st Impromptu
Ellie-2nd Poetry
Kate-2nd Persuasive
Jacob-2nd Entertainment
Ellie-2nd POI
Dave-3rd Extemp
Kelsey-3rd Poetry
Mikayla, Ashley, Jaedyn, Madeline, Brennan-3rd OID
Dave-3rd Humorous
Jacob-4th Extemp
Joely-4th Humorous
Mikayla-5th Serious
Ashley & Jaedyn-5th Duet

The Golden Rooster team award was given to Jacob this week.


February 8th at Pioneer

The Griffins are the Pioneer Speech Champions!

Kate-1st Place Informative
Dave-1st Place Humorous
Ellie-1st Place POI
Jason & Preston-1st Place Duet
Jason-2nd Place Entertainment
Joely-2nd Place Extemp
Kate-3rd Place Persuasive
Kelsey-3rd Place POI
Ellie-4th Place Poetry
Aidan-4th Place Serious
Kate, Jason, Preston, Callan-4th Place OID
Kelsey-5th Place POI
Dave-5th Place Extemp
Mikayla-6th Place Serious


Ellie won the Golden Rooster Team Award!


February 4th at Beatrice

The Griffins finished 3rd as a team at Beatrice!

Kate-1st Place Informative
Kate, Jason, Preston, Callan-1st Place OID
Jason & Preston-2nd Place Duet
Kelsey-2nd Place Poetry
Jason-3rd Place Entertainment
Mikayla-3rd Place Serious
Ellie-5th Place Poetry
Kate-5th Place Persuasive
Kelsey-Top Novice POI

Kate, Jason, Preston and Callan won the Golden Rooster team award.


January 27th MUDECAS at HTRS

The Griffin Speech team earned the Runner-Up placing at MUDECAS Speech!

Kate-1st Place Informative

Jason/Preston-2nd Place Duet

Kate, Jason, Preston, Callan-2nd Place OID

Kate-3rd Place Persuasive

Ellie-3rd Place POI

Mikayla-4th Place Serious

Jason-4th Place Entertainment

Dave-4th Place Humorous

Ellie-4th Place Poetry

Joely-5th Place Extemp

Kelsey-5th Place Poetry

Joely-5th Place Humorous

Dave-5th Place Impromptu

Ashley/Jaedyn-6th Place Duet

Aidan-6th Place Serious

Dave-6th Place Extemp

Mikayla-6th Place Impromptu


The Golden Rooster award was given to Jason and Preston this week.


The Griffins will compete at Beatrice February 4th. 


January 21st at Thayer Central

The Speech Team brought home seven medals at the very competitive Thayer Central Meet.  


Kate-1st Informative Speaking

Dave-6th Place Humorous

Jason & Preston-6th Place Duet

Ellie-8th Place Poetry

Joely-10th Place Extemporaneous Speaking

Jason-10th Place Entertainment Speaking


Kelsey-3rd Place Poetry


Kelsey won the Golden Rooster team award.

The Griffin Speech Team will complete at MUDECAS (hosted by HTRS) January 28th.



January 7th at Fairbury

The Speech Team began their season at the Fairbury High School Meet Saturday, January 7th. 

Congratulations to all competitiors and these medalists:


Kate-1st Informative Speaking

Kate-2nd Persuasive Speaking

Jason-2nd Entertainment Speaking

Dave-2nd Humorous Interpretation

Joely-2nd Extemporaneous Speaking

Joely-3rd Humorous Interpretation

Dave-3rd Extemporaneous Speaking

Mikayla-3rd Serious Interpretation

Ellie-4th Poetry Interpretation

Ashley and Jaedyn-4th Duet Acting


Kelsey-2nd Poetry


Kate won the Golden Rooster Team Award for her great week of competition!


The Griffin Speech Team will return to competition January 14th at Thayer Central.