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Jr/Sr High School


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State Speech Championships

Congratulations to Jadyn, Madeline, Kate for qualifying and competing at the NSAA State Speech Championships Friday, March 19th at Kearney High School.

Jadyn competed in Poetry.

Madeline competed in Extemporaneous Speaking, Persuasive Speaking and Informative Speaking.

Kate competed in Informative Speaking.

The girls represented Diller-Odell very well, with each of them competing the best that they had all year long!  







McCool Junction Speech Meet Results

1st Place-Madeline, Extemp

2nd Place-Jason, Improv

3rd Place-Madeline, Informative

4th Place-Kate, Informative

6th Place-Jadyn, Poetry

6th Place-Madeline, Persusaive


Pioneer Speech Meet Results


2nd Place-Kate, Informative

3rd Place-Madeline, Informative

4th Place-Madeline, Persuasive

5th Place-Madeline, Extemp

5th Place-Alli, Humorous

5th Place-Jadyn and Alli-Duet


Pawnee City Speech Meet Results

Team Results-2nd Place

1st Place-Jadyn and Alli, Duet

2nd Place-Madeline, Extemp

2nd Place-Kate, Informative

3rd Place-Madeline, Persuasive

3rd Place-Alli, Humorous

4th Place-Jadyn, Poetry

5th Place-Ellie, Serious

5th Place-Korey, Impromptu

6th Place-Madeline, Informative

6th Place-Preston S., Serious


Golden Rooster Award:  Kate


Beatrice Speech Meet Results

Team Results-5th Place

2nd Place-OID (Korey, Jadyn, Alli, Kate, Preston E.)

3rd Place-Madeline, Informative

4th Place-Jason and Preston E., Duet

4th Place-Madeline, Persuasive

5th Place-Madeline, Extemp

6th Place-Alli and Jadyn, Duet

6th Place-Jadyn, Poetry


Golden Rooster Award:  Jason and Preston E.



MUDECAS Virtual Meet Results

Team Results-CHAMPIONS!

2nd Place-Jadyn and Alli, Duet

3rd Place-Preston S., Serious

3rd Place-Madeline, Extemp

3rd Place-Kate, Informative

3rd Place-Jadyn, Poetry

3rd Place-Madeline, Persuasive

3rd Place-OID (Korey, Jadyn, Alli, Kate, Preston E.)

4th Place-Ellie, Serious

4th Place-Jason and Preston E., Duet

4th Place-Alli, Humorous

4th Place-Madeline, Informative

5th Place-David, Humorous


Golden Rooster-Alli and Jadyn



Thayer Central Virtual Meet Results

Ellie - 1st Place Novice Serious

Preston - 2nd Place Novice Serious

Kate - 3rd Place Informative

OID (Korey, Jadyn, Alli, Kate, Preston) - 3rd Place 

Madeline - 4th Place Informative

Allison - 4th Place Humorous

Jadyn - 4th Place Poetry

Jason and Preston - 4th Place Duet

Jadyn and Allison - 5th Place Duet

Madeline - 6th Place Extemp

Madeline - 8th Place Persuasive


Golden Rooster-Ellie


Fairbury Virtual Meet Results

The speech team will be competing in virtual tournaments for at least the first part of the season. 

The Fairbury meet on Jan. 9th was an asynchronous meet, meaning students recorded their performances and submitted the videos prior to the day of the meet.  The Diller-Odell team competed very well.  Everyone earned a medal!  Those that could attend, watched the live awards ceremony at school.

The Golden Rooster Team award was presented to Madeline.


1st Place-Madeline, Informative

2nd Place-Kate, Informative

2nd Place-Allison, Humorous

2nd Place-Ellie, Novice-Serious

3rd Place-Jason and Preston E.-Duet

3rd Place-Preston S., Novice-Serious

4th Place-Jadyn and Alli-Duet

4th Place-Madeline, Extemporaneous

4th Place-Madeline, Persuasive

4th Place OID (Korey, Jadyn, Allison, Kate, Preston E.)

4th Place-Braden, Novice-Persuasive

4th Place-Dave, Novice-Humorous

5th Place-Adrien, Poetry

6th Place-Jadyn, Poetry