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Elementary School


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Fourth Grade Finishes the Year with Fun!

The fourth graders had a busy last couple of days of school. On Monday, they had the opportunity to go to Classic Dairy with the Englemans. They were able to tour the farm, where they learned about the 7 breeds of dairy cows, the milking process, where the milk goes, how it is tested, what the cows eat, and how they recycle water, sand, and manure nutrients. The students loved being able to pet the baby calves, during recess they did farm activities, and for PE they did farm Olympics. They then had the opportunity to pet Allison Engleman's show cow. Students also compared and contrasted labels- for example 2% milk compared to Almond milk. For art, they were able to decorate their own ear tag. Nebraska History was taught by Dave Barnard.  He touched on state boundaries, homesteading, and Nebraska state symbols, and showed multiple Nebraska wildlife pelts and skulls. Then students were able to use transit to see how to level land. At the end of the day, they did a review worksheet over all the dairy terms they learned throughout the day. They then played dairy bingo and received farm medals and goodie bags. Thank you to all the Englemans that helped make the 4th-grade field trip a memorable one.


On Tuesday, the 4th graders were rewarded for their hard work on their State Assessments. Amy Coufal planned a day full of pie. They had (pie) pizza in the park, then were able to pie 6 Diller Odell Staff members in the face, and after that she made ice cream pie for them. They had so much fun and enjoyed being rewarded for their hard work. Great job 4th grade!