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Elementary School


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Physical Education Skills in Elementary School

K-4 Elementary Physical Education started the quarter with several activities that were based around teamwork, communication and cooperation. The culminating activity for the students was Danger Island Rescue. The gym was split into three different areas; Danger Island, the ocean and Fun Land. The teams were given a scooter (canoe), a jump rope (canoe tie down), two poly spots (lily pads) and a cone (canoe oar). By using the items that were stranded on the island with the team and the skills learned in previous activities each team was tasked with saving all team members and relocating them across the ocean to Fun Land. The activity not only focused on teamwork, communication and cooperation, but also had the students using problem solving skills to devise a plan to save their teammates.  


Social skills such as teamwork, communication, cooperation, respectfulness, and honesty are some of the most important skills that our students learn in elementary physical education. These skills are the building blocks for every great team, organization, school, business, etc …. I hope that they will carry these skills as they progress through our educational system and into their futures.