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June Board of Education Minutes

Board of Education Regular Meeting

Monday, June 8, 2020 7:00 PM

Elementary Media Center in Diller

315 Smith St

Diller, NE 68342


Angie Clifford:                Present

Adam Engelman:            Present 

Toni Landenberger:        Present

Jill Scheele:                    Present

Gary Stohs                    Present

Paul Kostal                    Present


1.  Open Meeting


1.1. Roll Call


1.2. Recognize the Open Meetings Act information


1.3. Approve minutes of last meeting

Motion to approve minutes of last meeting Passed with a motion by Angie Clifford and a second by Adam Engelman.

Angie Clifford: Yea, Adam Engelman: Yea, Toni Landenberger: Yea, Jill Scheele: Yea Yea: 4, Nay: 0


2.  Instruction and Related Items


2.1. Presentation by Sheri Shonka of ALICAP


Sheri Shonka of ALICAP presented information to the Board on property and liability insurance. The Board will consider the proposal and have an action item on the matter at the July meeting. The School District has used Starr-Buckow Insurance for years and has always been satisfied with both coverage and service. However, the Board feels there would be substantial savings with a change to ALICAP. ALICAP currently serves 172 out of 235 school districts in Nebraska, and specializes in serving schools.


Gary Stohs arrived at the meeting at 7:05pm.


Paul Kostal arrived at the meeting at 7:14 pm.


2.2. Principal Report


Principal Mezger reported that graduation on June 6 was a success. We feel fortunate that we were able to have our traditional graduation for the Class of 2020.


Principal Mezger noted that he expected 18-20 students in the Kindergarten class this fall, gave an update on the recent Standard Response Protocol meeting, and gave a report on testing for 2020-21.


2.3. Review Anti Bullying Policy #5054 and Multicultural Policy #6020 Both policies were reviewed.

Superintendent Meyerle reported on the many meetings he has been apart of regarding school resuming in the fall. He fully expects to start school on August 13. There will be protocols for hand washing, sanitizing, disinfecting, social distancing, temperature checks, and transportation that will all be considered in the coming weeks.


2.4. Approve Alternative Education Agreement

Motion Passed with a motion by Toni Landenberger and a second by Gary Stohs.

Angie Clifford: Yea, Adam Engelman: Yea, Paul Kostal: Yea, Toni Landenberger: Yea, Jill Scheele: Yea, Gary Stohs: Yea

Yea: 6, Nay: 0


This agreement reserves two spots at the Alternative Education School at ESU 5.


3.  Personnel Items


The Board received a thank you from Mrs. Hein. She greatly appreciated her being able to work at Diller-Odell Public Schools for 20 years.


4.  Support Service


4.1. Technology Update


4.2. Facility Update


Superintendent Meyerle noted the work on the west side of the high school gym.


5.  Superintendent Items


5.1. Superintendent Report


Superintendent Meyerle noted that he would be working on policy updates in June. Those required updates through KSB Law would be acted on at the July meeting.


He noted that he is serving on two NRCSA committees (Activities and Transportation) having discussions about fall protocols. There still remain many questions, but there should be more answers in the coming weeks on protocols for school in the fall.


6.  Financial Items


6.1. Pay bills as presented

Motion to approve bills as presented. Passed with a motion by Gary Stohs and a second by Adam Engelman.

Angie Clifford: Yea, Adam Engelman: Yea, Paul Kostal: Yea, Toni Landenberger: Yea, Jill Scheele: Yea, Gary Stohs: Yea

Yea: 6, Nay: 0


The Board wanted to discuss a bill from Willet and Carothers and did not include it in the group of bills to be approved.


7.  Board of Education Items

Motion to pay 50% of attorney fee bill Passed with a motion by Adam Engelman and a second by Paul Kostal.

Jill Scheele: Nay, Gary Stohs: Nay, Angie Clifford: Yea, Adam Engelman: Yea, Paul Kostal: Yea, Toni Landenberger: Yea

Yea: 4, Nay: 2


The Board discussed a bill for $417.45 to Willet and Carothers.   The bill was to pay 50% of legal fees that were the result of a Quit Claim Deed to Lottman Enterprises. The Board had sold some lots by the old elementary building in Diller and there were some accompanying fees to the sale that were not expected. Due to the property changing hands through a Quit Claim Deed, the Board did not feel like the fee was their responsibility and wishes Willet and Carothers would have been involved from the beginning of the purchase. However, the Board also realizes they would have incurred legal costs should they have been able to gift the property to any entity. In summary, the Board appreciates the relationship with the village and Lottman Enterprises, and wants to see quality housing developed.


7.1. Committee Reports


The Board recognized the passing of Milford Smith, former Superintendent of Odell Public Schools and of Diller-Odell Public Schools. Superintendent Smith did a great deal of work on behalf of rural schools in his career, and was a leader in the consolidation of the Diller and Odell School systems.


7.2. Executive Session


8.  Adjournment


Motion to adjourn Passed with a motion by Jill Scheele and a second by Angie Clifford.


Angie Clifford: Yea, Adam Engelman: Yea, Paul Kostal: Yea, Toni Landenberger: Yea, Jill Scheele: Yea, Gary Stohs: Yea

Yea: 6, Nay: 0


President Kostal adjourned the meeting 8:25pm. The next regular meeting is scheduled for July 13 at 7:30pm. There will be a hearing at 7:20pm on Student Fees and a hearing at 7:25pm on Parental Involvement.






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