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December School Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Education Regular Meeting

Monday, December 14, 2020 7:00 PM

Elementary Media Center in Diller
315 Smith St
Diller, NE 68342


Angie Clifford:  


Adam Engelman:  


Paul Kostal:  


Toni Landenberger:  


Jill Scheele:  


Gary Stohs:  



1. Open Meeting


1.1. Roll Call


1.2. Recognize the Open Meetings Act information


1.3. Approve minutes of last meeting

Motion to approve minutes of last meeting Passed with a motion by Gary Stohs and a second by Angie Clifford.

Angie Clifford: Yea, Adam Engelman: Yea, Paul Kostal: Yea, Toni Landenberger: Yea, Jill Scheele: Yea, Gary Stohs: Yea

Yea: 6, Nay: 0


2. Instruction and Related Items


2.1. Student Report
No student report was available.


2.2. Principal Report
Principal Mezger noted that the 2019-2020 Annual Report would be posted on the school website.  He also reported on MAP assessments, and the state Principal's conference.


3. Personnel Items
Superintendent Meyerle reported that Carolyn Vitosh is retiring at the end of the semester.  The Board and administration thanks her for her years of dedicated service in the kitchen at school.


The Board would like to thank all of the school employees for their roll at school the first semester.  The Board appreciates their dedication and flexibility during the pandemic.


4. Support Service


4.1. Technology Update


4.2. Facility Update


5. Superintendent Items


5.1. Superintendent Report
The Board plans to have a workshop in February or March to discuss future planning for the school district.  Superintendent Meyerle gave the Board a short list of discussion items and encouraged them to bring their thoughts to future meetings. 

Superintendent Meyerle and Principal Mezger noted that the district's staff have done a wonderful job of adapting during the first semester and they are very proud to be part of the school district.


6. Financial Items


6.1. Pay bills as presented

Motion to approve bills as presented. Passed with a motion by Toni Landenberger and a second by Jill Scheele.

Angie Clifford: Yea, Adam Engelman: Yea, Paul Kostal: Yea, Toni Landenberger: Yea, Jill Scheele: Yea, Gary Stohs: Yea

Yea: 6, Nay: 0


7. Board of Education Items


7.1. Review Superintendent contract
Superintendent Meyerle's contract was reviewed and will roll over until June 30, 2023.


7.2. Committee Reports
A list of Board assignments for 2021 was reviewed.

The Board and administration took a few moments to recognize Gary Stohs and Jill Scheele for their service to the Board.  They were both presented a plaque as recognition for their service.  Toni Landenberger, Paul Kostal, Angie Clifford and Adam Engelman expressed their appreciation for Gary and Jill's work.  Gary is concluding his sixth term on the Board and Jill her second.

Mrs. Dusty Duis and Mr. Kolin Kotas will be sworn in as new Board members at the January meeting.


7.3. Executive Session


8. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn Passed with a motion by Angie Clifford and a second by Toni Landenberger.

Angie Clifford: Yea, Adam Engelman: Yea, Paul Kostal: Yea, Toni Landenberger: Yea, Jill Scheele: Yea, Gary Stohs: Yea

Yea: 6, Nay: 0

President Kostal adjourned the meeting at 7:42pm.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 11, at 7:30pm.





Adam, James


AS Central Services


B & W Electric Inc


Behrends, Bernard W


Carolina Biological Supply


Collection Associates


Cooper, Ashtyn B


Crome Lumber


Dana F Cole & Company


Denner, John M


Diller Telephone Co.


Diller-Odell Lunch Fund


Diode Communications


Diversified Drug Testing


Esu No. 5


Fairbury Journal-news


Farmers Cooperative Elev


Flood Communications of Beatrice, LLC


Gary L Behrends




Hometown Leasing


Impressed Petty Cash


Inland Truck Parts and Service




Jennifer Klaus


Jody Franzen


Jon's Outdoor Service


Junior Library Guild


Kotas, Brittney L


KSB School Law, PC LLO


Lyrics 2 Learn


M & D Auto Service


Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.


Meyerle, Michael J


Mezger, Matthew


Momar Mfg.


National Art & School Supplies Inc




Ne Assoc Of School Boards


Norris Public Power


Odell Market


Ram Exterminators LLC


Region V Services


Scherbarth Inc


School Specialty Inc


Spencer D Sutton


Symmetry Energy Solutions


Unite Private Networks, LLC


United Pest Control




Village Of Diller


Village Of Odell


Walmart Stores Inc


Westlake ACE Hardware




Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Ne


ESSDACK Consortium


National Insurance Services


Nebraska Dept Of Revenue


Nebraska School Retirement


Odell School Activity Fund


State Bank Of Odell






Direct Deposit


December Net Salaries