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A Typical Preschool Day


~A Sneak Peek about our Little Griffins Preschool~

Diller-Odell Little Griffin’s Preschool will provide children with a superior developmentally appropriate learning environment that is positive and nurturing for children of all races, ethnicities, and abilities. Diller-Odell sets all children up for success!

Our preschool program offers children a play-oriented learning environment composed of learning centers such as Dramatic Play (Kitchen), Sand/Water Sensory Area, Art, Toys/Blocks, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Ipads. Children will learn to make sense of their world by being encouraged to think, question, explore, and reason. These age appropriate learning centers will allow children to create and engage in elaborate role-play, learn various math concepts, explore how things work, and become creative while using their imaginations.  Children will also gain the foundation for reading and writing in a literacy rich environment. Opportunities will also be provided to enhance their physical development and gross-motor skills during our outside play-ground time.  

Diller-Odell Little Griffins Preschool fosters social and emotional development in children by promoting a positive self-concept in each child. Children will continue to learn and develop more social skills such as appropriately expressing and managing their feelings, solving problems, getting along with others, sharing and taking turns, and following rules and routines.  Our classroom behavior management strategy is centered on an online program called Class Dojo. Children will earn positive and negative points daily. If they follow all of the rules and routines, they earn positive points. If they do not follow rules and routines they may get a negative point. Once they have earned fifteen positive points, they are rewarded with a prize out of the class treasure chest. The prizes are an assortment of small toys, necklaces, stuffed animals, books, and etc. Once children have learned the routines throughout the school year, the amount of points that children need to earn will increase and the rewards will change also.

Family involvement in our preschool is both welcomed and strongly encouraged. Families are children’s first teachers. We look towards families as our partners in education. Diller-Odell families may contribute to our preschool by volunteering to read stories to the children during our daily time, or by serving as holiday room helpers.  Parents are welcome to come and visit their child during their school day. Daily communication about your child’s day will be sent home through the use of a daily note that contains learning centers that your child chose to play in, what your child ate that day and how much, if they slept or rested at rest time, and how many positive or negative points earned each day.  

As part of our program, a meal and snack will be provided to your child during the school session if you choose to participate.  Monthly deposits into your child’s lunch account are welcomed. Health and nutrition are considered important educational topics to teach children in our program.  Breakfast will be served after arrival, then lunch in the afternoon, and snack will be served before departure. The students will utilize trays for each meal. They will walk to the cafeteria, get their trays, and walk them back to the room. Once finished eating they will scrape in the classroom and prepare for morning activities.

Most importantly, children will learn and have fun doing it at Little Griffins Preschool!


Mrs. Roberts ~ Preschool Teacher

                                                                              Mrs. Oberembt~ Para-Educator