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Attention football fans attending the game at Friend Friday night:

Please stand or sit in the grass areas behind our sideline (east)  Friday  night.  Please do not stand on the track. read more

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What Are Drop in a Buckets?

In case you are hearing your child say they are doing drop in buckets, they are correct!  Drop in the Buckets are math/reading sources of daily independent practice.Each time the student practices just a little drop of work in the skill areas.  For example in Math students will be doing 1-2 problems on words/symbols patterns . . . read more

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Biology Class Culminates Ecology Unit at Pond

The Biology class has spent two different days as  a local pond.  First catching and tagging fish.  The class caught and tagged 110 fish on Thursday, October 2. On Tuesday, October 7th they returned to the pond and caught 125 fish.  Of those 4 had a tag.  From those numbers the class determined that the pond fish . . . read more

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