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Elementary School

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Fourth Grade Learns about Drawing from Real Life

  The Diller-Odell 4th grade art class spent time drawing outside.  They learned about drawing from real life, or the term Plein Air.   Plein Air originated from French Impressionism.  Artists would sketch and . . .

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Second Grade Field Trip

The 2nd grade class went to Morrill Hall and Homestead National Monument for their field trip. The students enjoyed looking at all the different exhibits at Morrill Hall, including the Discovery Center, the rocks, the fossils, the . . .

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Third Grade Field Trip Fun

The 3rd graders enjoyed a field trip to Memorial Stadium and the Nebraska State Capitol.  First, they learned a lot about the Huskers, including a tunnel walk and they even got to run the football field.  They then soaked up . . .

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First Grade Hospital Orientation

The First Grade class visited the Beatrice Hospital on Thursday, April 4. During their visit the students learned what it is like to be a patient in the hospital through role-playing. They viewed some x-rays, looked at . . .

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District Spelling Contest Results

Joely received 1st place in the 5th and 6th grade division of the County Spelling Bee held at Meridian School back in October.  This qualified her for the District Spelling Bee which was held March 9 in Fairbury.  After 15 . . .

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Fourth Grade Students Read with Dr. Seuss's Friends

In celebration of Dr. Seuss week, students enjoyed reading with some extra guests, Dr. Seuss's friends!

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Fourth Grade Students Learn About the Rock Cycle

Fourth graders are learning about the rock cycle using cereal, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham crackers.  

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Fourth Grade Students Use SeeSaw

Fourth grade students are using SeeSaw to practice reading and writing fractions, decimals, and percents.  They record themselves performing a task on a given skill and then they upload it for review.  It is then added to their . . .

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Third Grade Dioramas

The third graders have been studying about animals and their habitats.  One of our projects was to choose an animal, research the animal and its habitat.  Then they were to create a diorama to share with the class.  The . . .

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6th Grade Catapult Challenge

Project Based Learning Through Science

article written by Ms. Reba Hestermann

  As a 5th and 6th grade science teacher I am always looking for ways to engage and challenge my students to learn new concepts. In my classroom I use Project Based Learning. With this type of learning the project is framed for . . .

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Bug Eyes

Fourth graders made "bug eyes" during a Distance learning science.  They were learning what it would look like if we had the eyes of a bug.

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Doubles Rap

The first grade has been practicing their math facts with The Doubles Rap!  

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Dot Celebration!

International Dot Day was celebrated in each elementary art class September 10th through September 14th.  Art Students created individual dots that were their own personal creations.  Art students then collaborated to create images . . .

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BlendEd Learning

Diller-Odell is taking part in the Nebraska BlendEd Iniative this year.  Eight classroom teachers across the district have been selected to be Lighthouse teachers for the pilot program and are implementing BlendEd learning . . .

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Mining for Minerals

The fourth graders went mining for minerals using a chocolate chip cookie during a recent Distance Learning Science lesson. The students could not touch the cookie with their hands.  They could only use a . . .

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