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Shelly (Lottman) Smith

Alumni Spotlight

During my time at Diller-Odell High School, I gained the social and fundamental skills that I carry into my adult life.  Each student at Diller-Odell is treated with respect and is given the tools necessary to thrive in the future.  Teachers, faculty and staff know the students by first name and strive to help them succeed in every aspect of their high school career.  I was in the 6th grade when Diller and Odell consolidated.  It was evident to me that the teachers were doing their very best to make everyone feel comfortable and to make the transition as smooth as possible.  The jump to the high school in junior high was a bit nerve wracking, but I quickly became adjusted as the faculty welcomed everyone and made it apparent that they were there to help in any way possible.

I cannot say enough good things about our school system.  The academic ratings are outstanding, the athletic department teaches the athletes determination, persistence and sportsmanship, and the environment is the best it can be to make students feel comfortable enough to be themselves.  These skills and the relationships I built with the teachers are key factors in the person I am today.  In addition to the excellent curriculum, I was taught leadership skills, drive and determination. 

After graduating from Diller-Odell in 2007, I attended Concordia University in Seward on an art scholarship majoring in Graphic Design.  Just as the majority of high school graduates, I started to think that path was not meant for me.  I changed my focus and attended Southeast Community College in Beatrice to study Business Management, graduating in 2010 with Associate of Science Degree.  I then attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising and Public Relations (again, changing my major).  After college, I worked in a few different fields, still unsure of the direction I wanted my career to go – advertising or business.

I met my husband, Jesse, just before finishing college in 2012.  Jesse was a graduate of Wymore Southern in 2005.  We lived in Beatrice for a short time, then made the move to Diller as we knew we wanted our future children to grow up and attend school here.  After we got married in 2015, Jesse and I decided to venture into the business world together and opened Diller Locker Company in November of that year.  My background in business management and advertising greatly helps our company (changing my major wasn’t a bad thing after all).  We are going into our 4th year in business processing beef each week, hogs every other week, and shutting down slaughter operations in November to process deer.   We also process for numerous Private Label customers as well as multiple schools across the state for the Beef in School Program. 

Jesse and I have two beautiful children, Wyatt is 2 and Lilly is 5 months.  We currently live in Diller and are excited for Wyatt to become a Griffin in a few short years.  Griffin Pride!